Why Patreon?

In the last few months my studio has grown from me + my laptop to an actual studio space in downtown Tempe, with assistants, local hmua geniuses, a soundtrack composer and a screenwriter. I also work with a number of models, actors and actresses and voice over artists for my short film and animation projects. Primordial Creative is becoming much more than just myself and we want our fans to feel like they are part of our growth, hence Patreon!

We are a small team with a lot of heart and imagination, but to do full production on our video + photoshoots requires people, styling, props, locations, and some travel, and we need your help to accomplish this.

Though Primordial Creative works in a variety of genres, I've built this Patreon around the photos and videos I've done with some of the best models around for the last 7 years including brand new work. The reward tiers include:

-photosets and video art pieces, PG + uncensored, with accompanying explainer videos where I tell you how it was all made

-my tutorials that I create for teaching pay sites Skillshare and Udemy, covering the Adobe Creative Suite, video editing, animation, sound design and more.

-mailed one-of-a-kind instax and limited edition printed zines

-name in the credits of video art pieces

-PDF copies of my e-books "Capturing The Face" and "Secretly"

Primordial Creative is now a collective and we're eager to have our Patrons taking the weird journey with us- thank you in advance for any support!